Over the years I’ve been involved in a few businesses.  The goal was to recruit people as many people as possible to sell products for you so that you could get a commission.

I hated it.  Hence, I’m no longer apart of any of those businesses.

Pyramid schemes is what they are known as.  It’s all about funneling as many people in as you can, using them and moving on to the next person.  It sounds very similar to what goes on in the corporate arena.

And, if that isn’t enough, normally you don’t even get the biggest percentage of the commission because you’re not at the top of the pyramid!    So, essentially, you’re working for someone else just as in a traditional job.

I don’t know about you.  But I don’t like using people.  I also don’t like depending on the efforts of someone else to ensure my success.

The things that attracted me to the business model in which I’m currently involved:

  • My success is based on MY efforts not someone else’s.
  • Everyone receives coaching and training so that they too can be successful.
  • There is No Pyramid so that only a few people are successful. Depending on your work ethic, you can be as successful as anyone else.
  • Since there is NO Pyramid, success is horizontal and NOT vertical which gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.

If you think about the shape of a pyramid, it is very small at the top.  As it slopes downward, it continues to get larger.

The largest part of the pyramid is at the bottom which means that’s where most of the people will be located.  As you move upward on the pyramid, the less room there is for people to move upward.

Only about 5% or less people will be at the pinnacle of the pyramid.  Something to think about.

The pyramid model is not designed for everyone to succeed.  Its purpose is to only allow a few people to succeed while the majority of people get stuck at the bottom supporting the rest of the pyramid.

As I move forward, I have confidence that I will achieve any level of success that I choose.

There is room for anyone who dedicates themselves, works hard and doesn’t give up.

So, with that being said, I won’t see you at the top.  But I’ll see you on the Horizon making the journey to change your life for the better 😊

Your Efforts = Your Success ~ Be Blessed