I’m always fascinated every time I read the story of “Elisha and the Widow’s Oil.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, a creditor wants a debt owed from the widow. Because the woman is a widow she has no money to pay the creditor. So the creditor is threatening to take her two boys as slaves in replacement of the payment she owes.

She reaches out to the Prophet Elisha for help. He first asks her if she has anything of value in her house. She tells him only she has is one small jar of oil. Secondly, he tells her to go to her neighbors and borrow many empty jars. Third, he tells her to fill the MANY empty jars with oil.

 Now, I don’t know about you. But after I finished looking at him crazy and asking him if he was crazy, I would have asked why and how many is many?

The widow didn’t look at him crazy. She didn’t ask if he was crazy. And, didn’t ask any questions. She immediately obeyed.

Perhaps she obeyed because she was in a desperate situation. But, maybe she obeyed because the situation was so desperate that she had no choice but to have faith.  

Isn’t it funny how God will allow a situation to happen so that we have no other options but to have faith and depend on him?

She only had a small jar of oil which she didn’t consider to be valuable. What talents or skills do you have within you that you consider being small and invaluable? What’s in your house that you could use to give you stability or change your life?

Elisha tells her to borrow many empty jars from her neighbors. Her neighbors played a role in her receiving a blessing. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The reality is often the blessings we receive are a collective effort of people we know and sometimes people we don’t know. The Christian walk is meant to be lived in community.

She gathered many jars. She followed directions. Often when God tells us to do something we halfway do it, add to it, or take away from it if we even do it at all! We must learn to just do what he says nothing more and nothing less.  

Here is where my mind starts to wonder what if she had only gathered a few jars? She would have short-circuited her blessing!  

Here is why: The Bible says she continued to fill all of the jars she had gotten with the small jar of oil she already had. She continued to fill the jars until there were no jars left. She has so many jars that she’s was able to pay off her debt and live off of the rest!

Her blessing was in her obedience! Not only did God fulfill her need, but he also gave her extra money to sustain her and her two boys! God gave her something for which she didn’t even ask. 

She received a double portion if you will.

As with the widow, your blessing is also in your obedience. Do what God tells you to do when he tells you to do it. Delayed obedience is full disobedience.  

 Most importantly, as we pour ourselves out to God and do his will, he will continue to replenish us and meet our needs. He doesn’t always meet our needs in the way that we expect. So, be open to his ways and methods.


Your Blessing is in Your Obedience ~ Be Blessed