It’s the weekend!  We made it through another week.  What are your plans for the weekend?  I hope that you will find a creative way to have fun.

You’re probably thinking: I can’t have or go to a party.  But you can: a virtual party.

It’s seems like every weekend I’m being invited to a virtual party.

Last weekend it was a virtual brunch!  But that’s one I didn’t participate in because I kind of wasn’t interested in cooking 😊

But you and your friends like to cook, then have a brunch where everybody shares their dish and recipes.

If you haven’t been invited to a virtual party, then you organize one and invite other people.

Send out the menu so that everybody can grab their snacks.

What’s a party without a DJ?  Designate someone to be the DJ.

Play some virtual games.

Turn it up and get your party on!

A friend of mines was telling me how great she felt after having a virtual meetup with her classmates.  They have made plans to meet up every month.

My church has had virtual parties for the teenagers.  They invited some of the local radio personalities and a DJ.  They gave away various prizes.  I heard the kids had a great time.

I see where many artists are having virtual concerts.  If there is one that you are interested, perhaps you and some friends can have a watch party.

The point is: make the best of the situation we’re in.  Don’t just sit around being sad.  Connect with someone.

You’d be surprised how grateful people are that you thought enough to try to connect with them.

If you don’t have a group of people to connect with please connect me and I’ll get you connect with a group that will encourage you and walk with you during this time and beyond.

Have some virtual fun and Be Blessed