I’ve always thought of having a job as the same as work.

We say things like: Gosh, I have to go to work or I’m tired of this job and having to work for this company.

For the past several days I’ve been listening the Dr. Myles Munroe.  He was a very captivating teacher.

He suggested that work and job are not the same things!

What???  How could they not be the same?

Well, Dr. Munroe suggests that a job is something that you are trained to do.  Work is something that you are created to do.

Let me list a few of the differences:

Work Job
Is a natural gift with which you’re born A skilled that you’ve learned
Gives you fulfillment Makes you feel drained and trapped
Should do it until the day you die Has an ending
Can never be laid off from it Can be laid off from it


Let’s unpack this short list of differences.

The work you do is a natural gift. It’s not something for which you must be trained.

Now, you can and should hone the gift.  But it’s something that you just innately possess within you.  For instance, some people have a natural gift of leadership while others have to be trained how to lead.

I work in I.T. But it’s something I was trained to do.  So, for me I.T. is a job and not work.

A natural gift I have is the gift of encouragement.  I wasn’t trained to encourage people.  It’s just something I do naturally.

When I encourage people, I have fulfillment.  Whereas, when I’m at my job, I usually feel drained and depleted by the middle of the day.

I won’t ever stop encouraging people because it’s a gift.  I will continue to encourage people until the day I day.  It’s how I’m created.

However, my job in I.T. is passing away as I will be moving into full time entrepreneurship.  It has an ending.

I will never be laid off from being an encourager because that’s the work I’ve been created to do.  But I have been laid off from jobs.

Let’s address the whole pay thing:  You can absolutely be paid for your work which is your gift.  You may not be paid in the beginning of starting to use your gift.  But you can eventually be paid for it.

Also, you can have a JOB where your GIFTS are being used whereby you are WORKING, doing what you were created to do.

I think that’s what makes a job so difficult.  We usually aren’t operating in our true gifts.  So, we usually end up unhappy.

A person can have many gifts.  So, don’t think you’re limited to just one.

But when it comes to getting paid for your gifts, you should focus on one or two as you want to become an expert at it.

Find out what your gifts are and start working in those gifts.  It’s only when we start doing what we were created to do that we find true purpose for our lives.

Start Working In Your Purpose and Be Blessed