During the Christmas season we see love, peace and joy on nearly everything from ornaments to Christmas cards.

What’s so important about these three words?  I have to admit I was a little stumped by that question myself.

Why do we mostly wish people love, peace and joy during Christmas?   Certainly, these are things that I desire to have in my life year around.

As I continued contemplating, I thought well duhh!  These are the things that my Savior embodies.  These are only a few things because Christ embodies many other attributes.

We mustn’t forget that Christ is the reason for the season.

We like to say that he will give/show you love.  He will give you peace.  He will give you joy.

And, he will most definitely give you those things.  But it’s not that he just gives them.  He IS these very things.


The thought of him embodying these attributes overwhelms me!  I can’t wrap my finite mind around it.

Sometimes I’m loveable and sometimes I’m not.  Sometimes I have peace and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I have joy and sometimes I don’t.

Christ emits love, joy and peace from his very being.  It is ALWAYS constant and consistent.  It NEVER changes (not like we do 😊).

Love – There are three kinds of love.  But the love that Christ has for us is agape love.  Many people like to say only Christ can show this kind of love.  But I would disagree.  Agape love is a love of the will.  This means that “I will” to love you even though you might not deserve my love and you certainly have not earned it.  “I will” to love you even though your behavior towards me has been less than favorable.

I don’t think humans are incapable of this kind of love.  I just think we’re too selfish because we get so caught up in our feelings and our pride.  A love of the “will” is not about how we FEEL.  It’s about making a DECISION to love beyond what we feel.

Peace – I’ve written about peace several times.  Though peace can be a tranquil environment, the peace that Christ gives is an inner peace.  He gives peace in your mind and spirit.  Even if the environment around us is not peaceful, we can still have inner peace which is far greater than external peace.  Think on things that give you peace.

Joy – I’ve heard it said that joy and happiness aren’t the same.  The explanation is happiness only occurs when “the happenings” in your life are happy.  But joy is when you still “feel” happy even though things are not going well.  It sounds good.  But I’m not sure if it has much validity because happiness and joy mean basically the same thing.

Here is what I think joy is: have you ever been feeling down and then suddenly you feel something touch your heart?  And, in that very moment it’s like your heart is bursting over with sunshine.  That’s joy!  You can’t explain it.  It just came upon you out of nowhere.

I wish you love, peace and joy not just during the holiday season, but for everyday of your life from this day forward.

Love, Peace and Joy Forever More ~ Be Blessed