Bitter or Better? That’s the question.  To be honest with you, it’s a question that I constantly have to ask myself as I try to overcome obstacles, setbacks and disappointments.

We have obstacles because of the lock down mandate.  Some people have more obstacles than others.  But they are all obstacles none the less.  I’ve learned that just because my issue is not your issue and your issue is not mines, it doesn’t make either of them any less significant.

People like to sometimes downplay what you’re going through because they haven’t had to endure it or they “think” that what they have gone through is more traumatic.

Don’t allow people to make you feel like your pain or difficulties are insignificant whether it be in this season or the next season.  We will see another season after this 😊.

Here is the true question of the test or the trial: how will you come out of it?

I’m talking about this season but also the seasons to come.

Here are the questions I have to ask myself:

Will I give up and give in to what’s happening?  No! I will pray to be strengthened in the fight knowing that the end may not be as soon as I would like.  I need the strength to make through this day.

I have found that when I tried to focus on the next day or week when I’m in the midst of a trying time, it’s TOO MUCH.  So, I focus on the CURRENT day.  Once I’ve made it through the current day, then pray for new mercy and strength on the next day.  I just need God to give me this day my daily bread.

Will I allow this situation to press me until the grapes in my life have turned to wine?  Yes! of course because that’s what I want is to have the wine.

This is easier said than done.  I don’t like being crushed.  It hurts.  It brings stuff to the forefront I’ve been trying to suppress.  It allows me to see patterns and ways I have that need to be changed.  Here’s the thing:  grapes can’t be drank.  They MUST be crushed!

How will I feel if I give up? I know that if I give up, I’ll feel like crap when it’s all said and done.  I’ll beat myself up emotionally because I know that if I had just stayed the course I would have been BETTER.

I’ll use my student loans as an example.  I’ve paid off one.  Now I’m working on paying off the next one.  In March, I thought to myself: “This is getting old!  I’m so sick of this!”  The other side of my brain was saying, yes it’s old.  But if you just stick with it before long they will be paid in full.  But if you don’t stick with it you’ll regret it because it’s a goal that you could have accomplished.  And, you will be BITTER when you look back at what could have been done.

Do you see what I’m saying?

Now let me say this.  Getting to the other side costs something.  There will be things you started with at the beginning of the journey that you lost during the journey.  Is it painful and disappointing?  YES, it is.

But know that whatever is lost God can heal you of that.  It doesn’t mean that you forget.  It just means that he will give you the strength to move forward so that your latter will be greater than your former.

So, how will you come out: bitter or better?


Be Better and Be Blessed