I’m still reading the story of Job.  You know I’ve read the story many times.  But it just seems that this time around I can more relate to what’s going on in the narrative.

I started thinking about Job’s “friends”.  And, yes, I had to put quotes around the word “friends”.

When the “friends” come into the story, Job has lost EVERYTHING except his life.  Things were so bad that he even desired that God would take his life.  Humm … been there.

In the beginning, they start off being true friends to Job so it seems.  I want you to picture in your mind Job sitting in the sand covered in open sores from the crown of his head to the soles his feet.  Not only is he sitting in the sand but he himself is also covered in sand as he has used it to soothe all of these open sores on his body.  No doubt he probably smells bad because of all of these open sores that are giving off a stench.

Okay … I just needed you to get a really good visual picture in your mind.  Now that you have, I’ll continue with my story 😊.

As, he sits there in the sand in shock and trying to grasp everything that’s happened to him in a span of a few minutes, here comes his three friends.  They sit with him in silence for several days.

In times of grief or trying it’s always good to have a friend or friends who will just sit with you in silence.  Sometimes just sitting in silence says more than someone shooting off at the mouth!

Finally, after days of silence, Job speaks and the attack from his “friends” begin.

Job has lost EVERYTHING.  I hardly think he needs people who are supposed to be his friends kicking him while his down.

There are three dissertations of these “friends” attacking Job with each dissertation getting more vicious than the last.

As I continued to read, it seemed to me that the friends had possibly been secretly hating on Job.  I say this because how in the world could people assume, especially about someone living as righteously possible as Job, that what you’re going through is because of some type of unconfessed sin in your life.  In addition, the final conclusion is that you deserve everything that you are going through!  What?!?

How arrogant of them to judge him for some sin that they’ve said he has without recognizing the sin in their own lives!

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like in order for someone to immediately say to me that I deserve all the bad things that are happening in my life would be because secretly you’re jealous.  I’m just saying.

This jealousy wasn’t about money because the friend were wealthy too.  So, what was it about?

Job wasn’t just a regular guy.  He was what we would call today a “Boss”.  He was the pillar of his community.  He was respected by his neighbors.  He helped to shape the government.  He gave to the poor and sheltered the homeless.  Most of all he was a man who reverenced God.  And, it was evident in how he lived his life.

So, why were they jealous of Job?

They were jealous of the stature and influence that God had given Job.  But most importantly, they were jealous of how Job chose to live his life.  He lived a lifestyle that communicated to everybody that he had a relationship with God.

And let me tell you, whenever people see someone trying to live in obedience to God, they get mad, intimidated and jealous.  What stems out of these emotions is a witch hunt to try to find some type of hidden sin in your life to try to disqualify your relationship and lifestyle with God!

This is indeed what Job’s friends did!

So, here is my question for you: Who’s in YOUR inner circle?

  • When you’re being tried do you have people in your life who will at least sympathize with you even if they can’t empathize with you?
  • When you’re facing calamity in your life do you have people who will encourage you instead of telling you that you’re a bad person and you deserve everything that’s happening to you?
  • Do you have people in your life who love you for who God has created you to be instead of being jealous of your inner strength, beauty and dare I forget the blessings God has so graciously given you?

It’s funny how when you’re going through something you tend to find out who is for you and who is not.  I had an older lady who once told me: “You betta know who is for you and who is not!”

It’s so important to surround yourself with good people who will stand with you.

Take inventory of the people in your life.  Don’t be afraid to put distance in between yourself and someone else if needed.

People come into our life’s sometimes only for a season.  When that season is over do yourself a favor and not try to hold on to a friendship that is out of season.

You’ll only end up being hurt if you try to hold on because whatever purpose God had for them in your live is fulfilled and completed.

If you keep trash in your house for too long it starts to stink!  Don’t allow people to stink up your life!

Who’s in you Inner Circle ~ Be Blessed