I had a conversation with my one of my colleagues about a week ago.  I’ll call him Joe.  He’d told me that he had two interviews lined up.  I finally got around to asking how it all turned out.

For the first interview Joe told me that he thought it went well.  But after talking to the recruiter he was told the hiring manager said he had absolutely no experience in ONE skill that was needed for the job.

Joe wasn’t disappointed so much as he was surprised.  He told me during the conversation he told the manager he didn’t have extensive experience, but he had enough skill to perform the job being asked of him.

Basically, the hiring manager lied which is not uncommon.  It’s happened to me a few times.

Joe then proceeds to tell me about the second job interview.

He says that the job requirement was asking for certifications.  He specifically told the HR recruiter from the company that he didn’t have certifications.  But he did have a degree and experience.  The HR recruiter tells him that certifications are only a “nice to have” not a requirement.

He goes on the interview to meet the hiring manager.  The manager is really impressed with Joe and his experience.  However, he continues to look at his resume and says: “I don’t see any certifications.”

The manager then tells Joe that a degree isn’t enough.  He needs to have certifications.

When is it enough!?!?

Joe has spent probably thousands of dollars on an education (that I’m sure he’s still paying for) and has years of experience to back up his education.  Yet, it’s not enough!

Now Joe is planning to spend several more thousands of dollars to obtain certifications!


The flip side of this story is one of our former colleagues who I’ll call John.  John has certifications but doesn’t have a degree.  John gets turned down for jobs because he DOESN’T have a degree!

John has invested thousands of dollars for certifications.  Though certifications are not as costly as a degree, they are still very expensive.

Both gentlemen have invested in education each obtained in a different way.  But education none the less.  So, what’s the solution here?

How long will people continue running out trying to get more traditional education and more certifications just to please hiring mangers who will find anything to disqualify you?  And, maybe even lie!

I’m certainly not against traditional education as I too have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on getting a traditional education with years of experience only to realize that in this day and time, it’s just not enough.

Just like both of my colleagues I invested much time and much money in an educational system that only works for certain concentrations that allow you to be in business for yourself.

I was tired of someone else telling me what I was and wasn’t qualified to do.  Many times, if you’re dealing with recruiters, they have NO idea what you do yet they are the one’s in position to tell you you’re not qualified (scratching my head).  It doesn’t make sense.

I finally made the decision to say– ENOUGH!

I wanted to be able to control My Life and live it On My Terms. 

I’ve now invested in learning skills that will truly help me to achieve a lifestyle of freedom.  I’m not just learning skills that are “theory.”  But I’m learning skills that I have actually put into practice right now! A learn as you earn type of system.

AND, I actually have real people who have achieved success helping me to achieve success as well – WHAT!

I’m excited about the journey I’m on because I finally have hope of having a better life.  This isn’t a pipe dream hope.  It is real hope that I’m currently working to achieve!  I have hope of having the lifestyle of freedom I was told my traditional education would give me but didn’t.

When will you say ENOUGH?

I hope to speak with you soon!

Today I’m saying Enough!