When I was around the pre-teen age, I remember my cousins being able to stay out late and do all sorts of other things that children our age shouldn’t have been doing.  It wasn’t uncommon for parents to let their daughters kind of run wild in the small town we lived.

Naturally, I wanted to be able to stay out late and pretty much do whatever I wanted to do too.  The only problem was that things didn’t quite work that way in my house (LOL).

As a child growing up I thought my mother was strict.  But as an adult when I look back, she really wasn’t.  She allowed freedom based on age and maturity.

I remember her saying to me one time, “I know you think I’m being hard on you.  But if I allowed you to do everything right now, you won’t have anything to look forward to later.”

While I was on Zillow looking at houses, I thought about her words.  I love looking at houses on Zillow because owning a home is something that I look forward to doing.

It’s something that gives me hope.  It’s something that I can hold on to in the present because I know that things won’t always be this way.

I’m big on hope because I know it is the very thing that keeps us going in the tough times.

We MUST have hope to navigate through life.  If we don’t have hope then we give up on ourselves, our lives and our future.

So, I’m asking you, “What are YOU looking forward to?”

Perhaps you’re looking forward to:

  • going to sit and eat at your favorite restaurant
  • losing those few pounds so you can feel better physically and feel better about who you are
  • a great relationship with someone
  • getting your finances straight
  • a promotion
  • internal change – maybe you just want to get somethings straight in your life

Obviously, these are just a few things.

But the point is to find something to look forward to despite what your present circumstances might look like.

Hope is the ability to look beyond what’s going on right now and see yourself in a better place.

Where can you see yourself?  If the vision you have in your mind is dark – CHANGE IT!

Envision yourself as the over comer you are for as a man thinks in his heart so is he!

Dream Big!  I certainly do.  I encourage you to do the same.

What are you looking forward to ~ Be Blessed