Fear, so much is said about it.  Yet, it seems not enough of the right things have been said about it.  We’re constantly being told as Christians that it’s wrong to have fear.  So, when we have fear we feel as if we’re bad, not close enough to God or something is just completely wrong with us.  But are those feelings we should legitimately have?

When I look at Joshua who was a mighty warrior, before there was David there was Joshua, I have to conclude that he had some fear.  He was taking over after the death of Moses in leading this massive group of people.  Not only was he going to be their leader, but he was also going to be their Colonel in war as God was the Commander and Chief.  I’m sure he had some fear.

     §You will have some fear.

If you read Joshua 1:1-9, we get to peek in on the instructions that God gives Joshua as he commissions him to be the next leader of Israel.  Three times in 9 verses God tells Joshua to “be strong and of good courage.”  Basically, God is telling Joshua not to be afraid, not to have fear.

     §What has God commissioned you to do?

Why does God tell him 3 times to be strong and of good courage?  God doesn’t waste time saying things that are unnecessary.  He doesn’t say things that don’t need to be said whether it be to Joshua, me or YOU.  If Joshua wasn’t afraid even if just a little, God wouldn’t have wasted time telling him not to be afraid.

     §Whatever God is saying to you take is seriously. Don’t ignore it. He’s telling you for a reason.

If you read the passage, notice that God isn’t rebuking him for being afraid.  God is lovingly reassuring Joshua that he doesn’t have to be afraid because I’m (God) with you.  God knows that it’s a big job.  He knows that Moses is a tough act to follow.  So, God reassures him that it’s all good. He pretty much tells him if I didn’t think you could do it, I wouldn’t have commanded you.  I already know what you have in you.  You are well capable.

     §God is not angry with you because you have fear. He will lovingly reassure you just as he did with Joshua.

     §God knows what he has put in you. But you must be confident of what God has put inside of you. He wouldn’t have given you         the task or the trouble if he didn’t think you could handle it! You are well capable!

I would be remiss if I didn’t add this part.  The promise is that God will be with Joshua.  The contingency is that Joshua must follow the commandments of God.   I mention this because too many times we want to claim the promises of God without understanding the requirements we must adhere to in order to receive the promise.  So, before you claim a promise, understand the requirements first 😊.  This one is free I won’t charge you for it (LOLOL).

     §The promises of God come with contingencies.  

     §God’s word should always be on our minds.

The Bible doesn’t give us much more detail into Joshua’s personal thoughts.  But here’s what it does tell us, as soon as Joshua got the directions from God, he mobilized the troops and got ready for battle.  Joshua teaches us to move past our fear, mount up and suit up because God has given us directions to go into battle with Him going before us!

     §Mount up and suit up for God moving past your fears to carry out his orders and plans. He will certainly go before you.

Now, I know there are people reading this who are saying the Bible says, “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear” ( 2 Timothy 1:7).  To those people I say you are exactly right.  It does say that.  What doesn’t say is that we shouldn’t have fear.  It says that we shouldn’t have “a spirit of fear.”  That means that we shouldn’t be crippled by fear such that we allow it to immobilize us in moving forward.

I once knew someone with a spirit.  She was absolutely afraid of everything!  Her favorite statement was, “it’s just fear.”  Because she had a spirit of fear it prevented her from walking out the assignments God had for her life.  She couldn’t move forward.  So, where she could have a life full of purpose, she lives a sub-par life full of fear and regret.  Awful!

     §God knows you will have fear. But he doesn’t want you to have “a spirit of fear.”

     §Don’t allow fear to cripple you from doing what you know God has called you to do. Don’t allow “a spirit of fear” to rob you of         having the life God has for you.  And let me tell you it’s a Great Life!


Move Past Your Fears as God Goes Before You and Be Blessed