As I checked on my progress for the week for by business, I wasn’t where I was expecting.  Immediately I started feeling discouraged.

As those feelings of discouragement start to fill my heart, I was reminded that we walk by faith and not by sight.  My vision is limited to only what I can see.

Because my vision is limited, I don’t know what God is doing behind scenes.

In my past experiences, I’ve gotten so worked up and worried over things only to find out later that God was working it all out behind the scenes.  I didn’t know it and I couldn’t see it.  But things were being rearranged and reorganized for me.

When things were finally revealed to me, I was so shocked to find out everything that had been taken place without my knowledge!

Yet, if I had known there would have been no reason to have faith.

There were seasons when everyday I would say to myself this is the day that things were going to turn around.  The next day would come and I would say the same thing.

Well, many, many days passed before anything changed.

So, what is my point?  Holding on to the faith that the day would come when it would change, is what got me through. 

Even though things were bad, everyday believing that today would be the day gave me the strength to keep fighting.

So, what does this all have to do with you?

As you continue through the week, things may not be as you would like them.  But hold on to the faith that the day will come when things will change.  Walk by faith and not by sight.

You don’t know what’s being rearranged on your behalf.  I’ve learned that some things take time to line up, so they are beneficial for you.

No matter what your circumstance or how long you’ve been waiting hold on to the believe that today could be the day it all changes.

And even if it’s not today, keep holding on because you don’t know when it will change.

I hope that you will be encouraged through your trials and your waiting.

Walk By Faith And Not By Sight and Be Blessed