Optimism, it’s a difficult thing to have in this day and time.  Yet, it seems that more than ever it’s needed.  It seems that we are constantly bombarded with hate and negativity.  It’s enough to make one lose hope in one’s selves and the world around us.

When I look at the word Optimism I can see another word, Optic.  When I looked up the word Optimism, I found that Optic was a related word.

One of the definitions of Optic is the branch of physical science that deals with the properties and phenomena of both visible and invisible light and with vision.

Mostly when I hear people speaking about optimism, they are talking about have a good attitude.  While having a good attitude is always great, I’d like to take a deeper look at optimism.

Here is the ONE thing you should know: Optimism is about having vision.

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Big deal Lucille.”

But hold on.  This IS a very big deal.  People perish for the lack of vision.

It was the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that helped in shaping a nation and several generations of people!  That my friend is the power of vision and not just a good attitude.

A vision is only as good as the action put forth to propel it.  Dr. King didn’t just have a vision in his mind.  He worked to make that vision a reality.  Belief without works is of no good and serves no purpose.

Think about an optometrist.  They are ONLY specialized in helping people to see.  They don’t do anything else but help people with their vision.

Are you specialized in helping yourself have vision?

Maybe I can help.  The person you see yourself to be in your heart is who you are.   Envision yourself as who or what you aspire to become and move towards that vision.

Can you see your current self (the visible), but also see your future self (the invisible)?  Think again about the definition of optic: the visible and the invisible vision.  Your current self is your reality.  But your aspirations are the invisible you not yet realized.

Your vision has to be strong enough to see beyond your reality.  You must be able to look beyond where you are now whether it’s good or not so good and see a better you, a better situation?  This is Optimism.

Humm … sounds a lot like faith!

What is faith?  It’s the invisible things we’ve hope for that have been made visible by proof.

Our current truth doesn’t have to be our future truth if we have optimism. 

I’m not suggesting that we deny whom we are or whatever our current situations are.  Pretending as if something is not wrong or happening is not healthy.

However, we can use our vision to be in the reality but see some light (going back to the definition of optic).  It might only be a sliver of light.  But sometimes all we need is that sliver light.

Maybe your life is good and that’s great.  But there are always things that we can work on to become better people.  What are some things you would like to change?

It is the vision of optimism that helps us to keep pressing forward.  It is being able to see a day beyond where we are that gives us hope.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see beyond where we are.  I myself have seen some horrible days.

Notice I said that I’ve Seen as in past tense.  It was optimism and faith believing things would get better that helped me to keep pressing.  And, guess what?  Slowly things did get better.

I had to keep Pressing and not give up.  I had to press meaning that it wasn’t easy.  I was pressing against what my reality was to get to what I saw and believed in my mind and spirit.  I had to do my part.

Visions don’t just become reality.  We have to be willing to do the work.

Write your vision in such a way that you understand it.  So that when you read it you can govern your actions accordingly thereby making it a reality.

Change doesn’t come over night.  But it can certainly come.  Over time, step by step, little by little, it will come.

Have Optimism (Vision) and Be Blessed