“Danger Will Robinson! Danger!” These were the words used of the Robot in the “Lost in Space” sitcom. I’ve probably just dated myself. But that’s okay (LOL). I loved watching this show as a child. The Robot could sense any danger that lied ahead of the character, Will Robinson. Before Will walked into danger the Robot would alert him of that danger so that it could be averted.


I was having a conversation with someone about the dangers that could be avoided if we would just listen to the warnings of the Holy Spirit. It was kind of funny because she would give an example of a road that she shouldn’t have taken. I would then give an example of a road that I shouldn’t have taken but did anyway because I didn’t listen to the Holy Spirit.


When I think about that little robot on the show, I liken it to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit warns us before we take a wrong turn. Just like the Robot it warns – Danger, Danger! The Spirit tries to warn us but unlike Will Robinson we either ignore the warning or don’t recognize that it’s a warning.


How does the Holy Spirit warn us?
• Sometimes he speaks in a small, still voice (yes, audibly). God does speak audibly to some people despite what others may say.
• Sometimes he allows outward circumstances to show us.
• Sometimes he just puts a heaviness on our hearts which is NOT to be confused as fear.
• Sometimes he speaks through his word or a song and our spirits will be quickened.
• Sometimes he speaks through others. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the person has to share in your spiritual beliefs because that’s not always true. God can use whomever he wants to get his message across.


Sometimes we get used to God speaking to us in a certain way. But just remember he can speak however he wants to speak. The methods listed above are just a few of the ways he can speak. Don’t try to predict God or put him in a box. The moment we that is the moment we get into trouble.


The fact that he speaks to us in any form is just miraculous! The God who created the universe has taken time to communicate with us and care for us!


Let me pray one of my prayers for you:
LORD, I pray for whomever you have allowed to read this. It is no coincidence that they are reading this at the very moment. I pray that you would open their spiritual eyes and ears. Allow their hearts be opened to however you decided to communicate with them. I pray that they would actively look for you throughout the day knowing that at any moment you can speak. And, then LORD I pray that when they hear you, they would be obedient to what you have said whether they like it or not. I thank you that you do speak and you will give them direction. In Jesus’ name I pray amen.

Pay Attention to the Internal Sensor and Be Blessed