During a sermon my Pastor talked about how leaders have to balance between performance and dignity.  He talked about how as leaders you want your people to perform.  But you also must treat them with dignity. 

He further told of an incident where he just went off on someone in a meeting on the leadership team for about 10 minutes.  On the drive home he was convicted because he knew he had gone too far as he could have really made his point and moved on.  Yet he decided to go on and on and on thereby not treating the person with dignity.

I couldn’t help but think about a former manager I had.   Her management style was to intimidate and bully.  It didn’t matter to her if your performance was good, if you weren’t her “buddy” then you were the enemy.  She constantly talked to and treated people rudely.

Though I never personally experienced her talking to me rudely, she did try to break me as well as another co-worker with unfair expectations and workloads in an effort to get us to quit.

Needless to say, she cared nothing about anybody’s dignity!

Much to my surprise, the higher ups finally decided to get rid of her.

We’ve all dealt with horrible bosses, politics and unfair treatment on a job.  And, unfortunately because we have responsibilities, we have to stay and endure it until something better comes our way.

Sadly enough, the reality is that when moving to another job, we usually have some the same negative experiences.  It may not be as bad.  But those negative experiences exist nonetheless.

One of my former colleagues who recently left for another job, just recently text me to say things weren’t going so good at the new job.  She is yet dealing with people who want to disrespect her.

I thought same nonsense, different place!

It gives me comfort to know that in building my own business, the day will come when I’ll no longer have to endure being treated as less than a human being.  I won’t have to worry about being stripped of my dignity.

There’s nothing worse than having someone else trying to make you feel as though you are less than what YOU KNOW YOU ARE.

I’m happy to be a part of a community that encourages and helps people work through their negative emotions and hang-ups.  But celebrates the successes that have been made. 

As I continue to work on accomplishing my short-term goals, I have coaches and mentors helping to fine tune my skills and saying great job!

What about you? 

Do you have people encouraging and helping you to build a future for yourself?

Do you think you could be successful in an encouraging, loving environment if you put in the work? 

Things that make you say … hummm

Hope to hear from you soon!

I’m taking back my dignity!