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Living More Abundantly

Living More Abundantly is more than just a "catchy" name.  It's more than just a logo.  For me it is a mindset.  It is a way of life.  It is a strong belief that I have been given a precious gift: LIFE.  Not only have I been given this gift, but I have also been given the gift to enjoy my life and live it to the FULL.  I want a life full of hope, full of joy, full of promise and most importantly full of purpose.  

I believe that we are currently living in a society where people are devoid of hope, happiness and purpose.  So, my desire is to introduce an avenue where others can get on the road to grasping these traits in their own lives.  It's not something that just happens.  We must change our way of thinking and take active steps to seize those things we desire.  Life is too short not to enjoy it.   Life is too precious not to Live It More Abundantly!    

Are you looking for something more out of life?

As a ten plus year veteran in the I.T. industry, I know all too well the woes of being dictated by the sometimes unrealistic demands of a job or a career.  After years of burning both ends against the middle, I realized that I was burned out, unfulfilled and not financially secure.  I had basically lost hope of ever having the life I'd always dreamed of having.  I wanted the ability to live my life on my terms!

I'm sure that you too are looking for an answer to a better life.  I'm sure you've contemplated of there being a better way to live and have the desires of your heart.  Well my friend you've found it! It's no accident that you are here.  Today is your day for change.  Today is the day you make the decision to Living More Abundantly!

Don't just dream of a better life ... Live One!

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