It seems that this current generation of people are plagued by entitlement and arrogance.

I can’t begin to tell you how often I talk to people who are unemployed but are always saying what they “don’t want to do”!


Or, I run across people who have a job.  But the job is not even helping them to make ends meet.  So they end up working a second part-time job.  Instead of taking a job that “they don’t want to do” that would be more income than the full-time and part-time jobs combined, they’d rather work two jobs!

Maybe it’s just me.  But that’s ridiculous.

My favorite one is people who haven’t even graduated high school and have been in legal trouble that say where they are not willing to work (scratching my head).

When did people become so self-absorbed?

My parent’s generation worked jobs they didn’t like and were usually treated as less than human beings.

But they did what they had to do to keep a roof over their family’s head, food on the table and lights on.

I personally have certainly worked places I didn’t like.  But I did what needed to be done because I had responsibilities.

I currently work at a job that I’m tired of.  But I have to continue working here because again I have responsibilities.  And, it’s because of this job that I am able to have the funds to get my business up and going.

I know that I won’t be here forever.  It’s just a temporary place I have to be right now.  I know that if I just hold on, eventually I’ll reach my goal of being a full-time entrepreneur.

Sometimes we have to do what we don’t want or what’s uncomfortable to achieve our long-term goals.

I am NOT suggesting that you do anything unethical, morally wrong, spiritually wrong or illegal! 

I am suggesting that we will have to make sacrifices if we want to reach our goals.

You may have to work a job you don’t like.  You may have to work a second job.  You may have to stop doing somethings that you like doing.  You may have to tighten your budget and stop spending so much.

Whatever your “don’t like” or “stop doing” is, endure it for a season.  Your sacrifice will be worth it when you look back on what you’ve achieved.

I have a goal to pay off my student loans.  That means that I have to tighten my budget and put money towards my student loans that I would otherwise be spending on entertainment.

But for me the small sacrifice that I’m making now will be well worth the reward later when I’m no longer in student loan jail 😊.

Keep your eyes on the prize and remember that where you are now is ONLY temporary if you continue to move forward toward your goal.  You’ll get to where you need to be in just the time you need to get there.


Do What You Need To Do Now and Be Blessed