I’m constantly in contact with people who want to be in charge or who want to be the boss.  It doesn’t have to be just on a job.  It can be at church, in an organization or even in your family.  I’m not against people wanting to be in leadership.  But I am against people who go about getting promoted in the wrong way meaning backstabbing, backbiting and just all out ratchet behavior.  To be perfectly honest, it bothers me because I know that unsavory behavior is not the way to get to the top.  It hurts other people and in the end, it will hurt the person who behaves that way.  It may not happen right away but eventually it comes back around.

Promotion comes from the Lord.  Psalm 75:6-7 (Living Bible) says: For promotion and power come from nowhere on earth, but only from God. He promotes one and deposes another.

There are so many nuggets in just those two sentences.  But I just want to be an encouragement for doing things the right and honest way which can sometimes “seem” unproductive.   But if you don’t get weary in well doing you will reap in due season if you faint not (Galatians 6:9).  What God has for you is for you.

I’m sure there are people who feel as if they have been passed by, stepped on, looked over and ignored.  But I can assure you that God sees you.  He knows where you are.  Whatever you didn’t get know in your heart that it wasn’t for you.  Don’t waste anymore time crying over what didn’t happen or what could have been.  Just keep your integrity, continue to follow God and you will end up where you should.  And, usually where we end up is much better than where we wanted to go anyway.

Don’t worry yourself about what others are doing even though it can be very disheartening.  Even though people “think” they are in control they are not.  If you think people are responsible for your promotion they are not.  God will promote you in his time.  When God promotes you, you are promoted until he moves you on to the next promotion!  Doing things God’s way is always the best way.

I’m certainly not saying that you shouldn’t work hard, put forth the effort or do your part in getting promoted.  Promotion doesn’t just fall out of the sky.  You do need to do your part in showing that you are capable without getting out of bounds and steam rolling over other people.

Neither am I saying that having connections with other people aren’t good because they are.  But don’t have connections with people just for what they can do for you.  You should also be able to bring some type of value to them as well.

Ask God to show you his plan.  Be open to hearing him.  Be open to obeying him. 

You may very well be expecting promotion in the wrong place.  A friend of mines was really trying to get a promotion on her job.  She was so discouraged and frustrated to tears because she kept getting blocked every time she applied for a promotion.  But God told her that he wasn’t going to promote her on the job.  His plan was to promote her in ministry.  So, she is now a part of the leadership team in a well know Bible study ministry.  She absolutely loves it!

She was promoted in ministry.  What does that mean?  It means that her promotion came in the form of being a servant!  Don’t miss that.  As Christians we are promoted to serve and NOT to be served!  So, if you’re wanted to be promoted so that you can tell people what to do, please know that’s the wrong attitude.

I leave you with this verse (1 Peter5:6-7):

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

Trust in God for Your Promotion and Be Blessed

*scripture reference from www.biblegateway.com