In my last blog I talked about how success is actually about having influence.  Success is not about comparing ourselves to others.  But comparing ourselves to our own accomplishments.

I also said that we should stop wasting time and emotions comparing ourselves to other people.  It only creates unnecessary stress and discontentment within you.  You are not them and they are not you.

With that thought in mind I want to dispel a myth that we have:  We will not all have the same level of success or influence.

Which is yet another reason why we shouldn’t waste time comparing ourselves to others.

So, what do I mean by we will not all have the same level of success or influence?

We all have been given gifts.  My gift may not be your gift and your gift may not be my gift.

In addition, our level of success is based on what we can mentally and emotionally handle.

The best example would be how our government is structured.  There is the city or local government, the state government and finally the federal government.

The officials at the city or local government have an influence in the city laws.  It’s the smallest level of influence in comparison to the state and federal governments.  But it is still relevant and important.

The officials at the state level of government have a wider range of influence because they are responsible for laws that affect an entire state.  The state influence is larger than the city but smaller the federal government.  Yet, it too is relevant and important.

Finally, the officials at the federal level have the broadest range of influence because they shape laws the influence the entire country.  While the federal level of influence if the largest level of influence it is not more important than the city and state governments.

Each level of government is successful at its own level.

The same is true with our success or level of influence.  We all have different levels of influence based on our gifts and the capacity that we have to handle influence.

Whatever your level of influence, it is relevant and important.  It is important to operate in excellence at YOUR level and not try to operate in a level you’ve not been called to operate.  This is where OUR true success begins.

In addition, when you find yourself wanting someone else’s success, ask yourself if you could handle the demands, the stress and perhaps the lack of privacy they may have to endure?  The greater the level of success the greater the responsibility.

We should determine to work on being the best us we can be.  It’s a daily, constant work.

What are your gifts?  How can you work on making those gifts better?

What are some of your not so favorable behaviors?  How can you work on eliminating or changing those behaviors?

Commit to working on yourself, be grateful and operate in the level of success you have been given.

Operate at YOUR Level of Success and Be Blessed