In the last blog I sent out, I gave a few reasons why I was attracted to this business model.  I mainly looked at how this was NOT a pyramid.

In this blog I want to give yet another huge reason why I love this business model: It doesn’t require you to harass your family and friends to help you get started!

As I said this was huge for me because I’d been down that road before with other business models.  It doesn’t work at least it didn’t for me.

Besides that, when you approach people and they’re not interested, they start to avoid you which is a terrible feeling.

I certainly don’t want people avoiding me because they’re under the impression I’m going to try to force or pressure them to do something they don’t want to do.

With this business model, I acquire my own customers.  Not only do I acquire my own customers, but it’s other people who have had similar experiences as me and have similar goals as me.

These are people who are looking to change their lives for themselves, their family and their future.  More importantly, these are people who are looking to restore their hope of a better life.

What can be better than connecting with people who are liked minded?

What’s more exciting is this business gives me coaching, training and encouragement.  It teaches me the skills I need to run a successful business.

It’s like a business in a box:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Back office
  • Platform

In comparison to other business models, it’s hands down second to none!

They meet you where you are whatever your budget or time schedule.  You can start out at a slow pace and progress further.  Or, you can go all in.  The choice is yours.

I started working on my business during my lunch hour.  I spent the hour working on my business and ate my lunch at my desk while I worked after lunch.

I felt very blessed to have found such an opportunity.  I still feel blessed.

I’m working to make my business a success without having to beg people I currently know whereby being indebted to them.  I’m supporting my own business!

No More Harassing Friends and Family for Support ~ Be Blessed