It’s that time again, time when we think about our past and how we can make our future better.  Not only is it a new year but it is also a new decade!

As you look back on the past year and the decade as a whole, what things do you resolve to get done, do better or maybe not to do 😊?

I always like to think of a new year as a new opportunity.  There were some people who didn’t make it to see another year.  But thanks be to God we are still here.

That means you still have work to do.  You can still make a difference in society.  You can still mend broken relationships.  You still have an opportunity to mend your brokenness.  You can still pursue those dreams that seem so distant.

Resolve is a firm decision.  This means you must be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding!

You must keep moving despite obstacles, setbacks or how you feel.

Forget about the nay-sayers.  Don’t waste time or energy dealing with people who don’t support your vision, who are negative and always want to tear down your dreams.

Your destiny is too great to be caught up with such people.  Your destiny is too great to be laxed.  There is too much at stake to give up.

You’ve been blessed with a great opportunity, another year.  Let’s not waste it. Seize it!

It’s not too late to make great strides in your life.

And, if you’ve already made great strides in your life, it’s not too late to make bigger strides.

Maybe last year was difficult for you.  But in the words of Joyce Meyer, “Spring is right around the corner!”

What will you do with another year and another decade?

Happy New Year and Be Blessed