If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you know that I’ve come through many episodes of unemployment cycles.  I won’t sugarcoat it, it was horrible.

I’m grateful that I came through each cycle, as there were multiple.  There were so many cycles until I just stopped counting!

If you’ve ever experienced unemployment for any length of time in these days of uncertainty, you know that any length of time is too long.

I was extremely tired of being at the mercy of other people to earn a living.  I was tired of people who had no idea what I did telling me I wasn’t qualified.  I was tired of having other people promoted over me.  I was tired!  This is why I started my own business.

I realized that I wasn’t going to make it in the corporate arena no matter how much I tried.  I felt that a shift was taking place in my life.  I knew something needed to change.  But I wasn’t sure how to make the change.  Time was winding down.  I was getting older.  And, I was in financial distress.

I knew I was in trouble.  Due to unemployment, my savings and my 401k were depleted.  I was unsure how I would be able to retire which is a major concern for many people in this day and time.

Starting my own on-line business has given me hope of having a better future and financial security. 

Hope – I would venture to say that it’s far more valuable than even money.  Why?  Because even if you don’t have money, if you have hope that in due season things will get better, you’ll be able to move forward.  You may have to crawl.  But that’s okay.  At lease you’re moving and you haven’t given up.

Move – Coupled with hope you must MOVE!  Hope alone won’t change things.  But if you start doing something, working towards whatever you have hope of having you can have success.

Let’s deal with the fear and issue of employment.  Put yourself in a position where unemployment is NEVER an issue for you.  I know you’ve thought about it, but just didn’t know how to accomplish it. 

The solution to NEVER having to worry about unemployment is starting an on-line business.  If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business but wasn’t sure how to do it, sign up to receive the FREE On-Demand Workshops. 

How does starting a business benefit you?

  • Doesn’t require thousands of dollars to start
  • Can work on it in your spare time
  • Endless of coaching and training available
  • Great Community of people

In addition, you’ll have the freedom of being able to work anywhere or at any time.

If you’d like more information about starting your own on-line business, click the link below to sign up to receive your FREE On-Demand Workshops.  You’ll be asked for your name and email address.  After signing up, you’ll receive instant access to your FREE On-Demand Workshops where you’ll get more information about the business and what it has to offer you.