The management at my current employment have adopted a system whereby each team manages itself.  This means there is no team lead or manager in place.

The idea is to have the team manage itself.  Instead of having someone telling everybody what to do, the team gets together to decide the direction of the team and the workload.

This means that individuals must manage themselves.  WOW!  What a concept (I’m being sarcastic).

I’m not the kind of person that needs someone constantly over me telling me step by step what to do.  Just tell me what the goal is then leave me alone so that I can get it done.  I’ll let you know if I have questions.

It seems that other people on the team are struggling with this new management style or maybe should I say non-management style.  They are like fish out of water.

Oddly enough it seems to the be people who are the “seniors” of the team struggling.  They want to be handheld and told what to do all of the time.

The ironic thing about this is that these are the people who are chopping at the bit to be in charge so that they can spew out orders to everyone else.

It’s ironic because these people can’t lead themselves.  Yet they want to be in a position to lead others!

Isn’t it funny how people who so desperately want to hold a title are the very ones who are not qualified to do so?

It started me to thinking about my business and entrepreneurs in general.

These people wouldn’t make it as entrepreneurs.

People who become successful entrepreneurs do so for the following reasons:

  • They DON’T want people constantly telling them what to do.
  • They long for the freedom of spending their time as they wish.
  • They don’t want to be on someone else’s schedule.

To be an entrepreneur you must be able to:

  • manage and/or lead yourself
  • be a self-starter
  • resolve your own issues/roadblocks
  • be resourceful

In the beginning you’ll just manage yourself.  But as time progresses, you’ll have a team who are looking to you for guidance.  How can you guide anyone if you can’t guide yourself?  It’s the blind leading the blind.

Leaning to manage yourself is not a skill just for entrepreneurs.  But it’s a skill that crosses over into our personal lives as well: home, church, other organizations or small groups.

How much better would some areas of our lives be if we learned how to lead ourselves?

Perfect Managing Yourself and Be Blessed