I was recently talking to one of my older siblings.  We talked for a few minutes before he went into his same old soap box of how everybody in the family has ostracized him.  HEAVY SIGH.  Now let me tell you that I am the youngest of my family.  All of siblings are much older than me.  They were young adults when I was born.  Just to give you an idea of how long he’s been holding on to these negative emotions which have somewhat dictated his life.  He continues to rehearse the past.  He refuses to to let it go which is why he constantly brings it up.

Letting go of the past is a topic I’ve heard and read about numerous times.  I’m not sure that anyone has an exact method on how to let go of the past.  And, let me just say I don’t either.  But I can give you a few tips that have helped me.

We’re all different and as such we experience things differently.  It’s kind of like the synoptic gospels.  We have 4 different accounts of the same stories because each person processed the events differently based on their personalities, backgrounds and other experiences they’d had.  Hence you have different interpretations of the exact same events

So, I believe that letting go of the past is much the same way.  Things that happened when you were growing up or even as an adult affects you differently based on you as an individual: your personality, your background and other experiences.

Letting go of the past is NOT forgetting it.  Let me say that again.  Letting go of the past is NOT forgetting it.  You will never forget it.  I know that people argue that if you’ve really gotten over it then you should have forgotten about it.

It’s funny because no one ever says that about good and happy memories.  We’re never encouraged to have those moments and just forget about it.  In the same way we don’t just forget about the not so good things that have happened.

Even though you’ll never forget, I believe from personal experience that God can take those not so good past experiences and make them as if they never happened.  Here’s is what I mean, you will still remember.  But the memory doesn’t hurt you anymore!  You know that it happened.  But you’re heart no longer bleeds because of the memory.

How do you get to that point?  Of course, you need to pray and ask God for healing first and far most.  But let’s face it somethings are so devastating that you may need to seek counseling to help you navigate those feelings.  And, that’s okay if you do.  We as a society need to get past the negative stigma of seeking therapy. And, yes I have gotten Christian counseling.  I wasn’t able to move past the death of my mother.  So, I needed help to healthily move through the process of grief.

The effects of not letting go of the past can cause many issues in your life:

  • It eats away at your soul and your spirit and causes bitterness.
  • It effects your relationships both personal and professionally.
  • It effects your decisions.
  • If effects your emotional health.

So, if there are some negative past experiences that have you stuck, make the decision today to make an effort to get unstuck 😊.  Depending on your experience, it may take some time.  The important thing is that you don’t continue to feed and nurse those experiences.  Your goal is to go forth and prosper.

Recap (just in case you missed it) – How do we let go of the past?

  • Pray and ask God for healing
  • Try not to rehearse whatever happened
  • Seek counseling if you’re struggling to navigate your emotions


Let Go of the Past and Be Blessed