Have you ever received some news you knew you would receive at some point, but wasn’t quite ready to receive it when you did?  You knew the time would come.  But you anticipated it being a little way off into the future.  That’s kind of what happened to me today.

As I started thinking about what was happening, I started thinking that I needed to start praying to ask God what direction I should go.

I’ve been reading Exodus.  My mind went to the Israelites standing at the Red Sea with the Egyptians pursuing them.

They were stuck between a dry place and a wet place!

As they stood at the shoreline, seeing the sea being heaped up on two sides, I’m sure they were afraid to go forward.  But they were afraid to turn back because they were being pursued by the Egyptians.

This is the moment of reckoning. Do they trust God or not?  They’ve come too far to turn back.  But the journey ahead seems daunting.

We’re talking about over a million people crossing the Red Sea.  Once the first group of people starting to cross over, it wasn’t like anybody could turn around!  Now, they’re fully committed to the process.  But still scared not being sure of what lies ahead.

Has God ever brought you to a place where you had to be fully committed to the process?  But you were still scared and unsure.

Once they have crossed over, God tells them the enemy the see drowning in the Red Sea they shall see no more!

When God brings us over, we’ll watch the enemy that was chasing us drown and we will see them no more!

What can we learn from this experience the Israelites had?

  1. The dry place had the enemy chasing them to again enslave them.
  2. The dry place is also just that a dry place. It was a place where they were not thriving or succeeding.  Usually, a dry place in our life is a place we shouldn’t be because we are no longer flourishing in that place.
  3. God led them to the Red Sea, the wet place.
  4. Though the wet place seems scary, remember, you will go THROUGH the wet place on dry land which means you won’t sink!
  5. The wet place is NECESSARY because you must endure it to get to the promised land.

When you’re standing at the shoreline of a Red Sea in your life as you look forward and the enemy is chasing you as you look backward, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Remember that God is going before you to lead you.  He is your banner.  But He is also protecting you from behind so that the enemy does not overtake you.

Keep Moving Forward and Be Blessed