I’ve been in I.T. for more years than I care to think about.  Initially when I got my first got my first I.T. job, I loved it!  I felt extremely blessed to have a job that I loved but also fit my personality.

By the end of the first 5 years in I.T. I suddenly didn’t feel to blessed.  I felt over worked, under paid and full burn out.

I didn’t want to go into another concentration in I.T. because I didn’t want to take a cut in pay.  I didn’t want to go back to school because I didn’t feel like I should have to do that.

So, I started contracting.  I felt at least I could get paid for every hour that I worked even though I felt burned out.

I remember my first day on my first contract job.  I remember getting out of my car and walking towards the building in the early morning sun feeling trappedWith each contract I had it seemed that feeling of being trapped intensified. 

I knew that I needed to change.  But I didn’t know what I wanted to change to because I knew it didn’t matter what I did that trapped feeling would still be there.

Here’s what I did know:  I wanted more flexibility and freedom over my time and my life!  But I just didn’t know how to achieve that.

After some time had elapsed and with much prayer, I was presented with an opportunity to start my own online business.

Finally, I had an opportunity to change my life. I had the opportunity to finally build a life where work didn’t heavily impact my life.

Instead, my life shaped when I worked.  And this is the opportunity we have with having an online business.

I finally had hope of having the flexibility and freedom to live my life on my own terms!

  • Time to do the things that in which I’m passionate
  • Time to spend with my family
  • Time to spend with friends
  • Time to travel
  • Time to be at rest

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Live Life and Live It More Abundantly