Gosh, I’ve had unemployment struggles as well as employment struggles.  I’d been building my business for several months now.  I was diligently working on it.

I’d pretty much completed building my site except for one or two pages.  Most of the hard work was done even though I didn’t realize it at the time.

Then out of nowhere, half of the team on my job gets laid off!  I was so discouraged.

These were people that I’d worked with every day.  Some of them had become more than just co-workers.  Some of them had become my friends.

I panicked!  I stopped working on my business.  I started looking for another job. 

I just knew it was only a matter of time before I would be on the chopping block!  I started updating my resume and pouring all of my time in finding a new job.

So, there I was: preparing for interviews, going on interviews and getting the run around only for them to say no.

Yet, my business was always in the back of my mind.

One day, as I sat at my desk even more discouraged because I wasn’t finding a job quickly enough, I heard a small still voice saying: Your blessing is in your business.

I’d allowed about six months to elapse without even touching my business trying to find another job.  I’d allowed the very thing I was trying to eliminate from my life become a stumbling block in investing in my future.

As soon as calamity hit, I immediately went into employee mode instead of staying in entrepreneur mode.  The most difficult thing to change is a mind.

It’s funny how when we become afraid we run back to the thing that we “feel” like gives us comfort.  Only to find a wasteland and the realization that we left for a reason.

Shortly, after that day I started confessing that my blessing was in my business.  I stopped trying to find another job and was grateful for the job I already had.

Not only did I stop looking for another job, but I also stopped worrying about getting laid off.  I put it in God’s hands and left it there 😊.

I then went full steam ahead in completing the few pages I needed to build for my site so that I could actually launch my business.

Here is my point:

  • Finding another job wasn’t the answer. Continuing to stay focused on building a future and a lifestyle that I wanted was and is the answer. 
  • I wasted so much time trying to backtrack and follow a system (employee) that in my heart I knew was broken and hadn’t yielded the results I wanted.
  • I had to stop wasting time putting my efforts into things that didn’t contribute to my future like interviewing. I became fully vested in my business mentally and emotionally.  This means I became fully vested in my future.

I hope to hear from you soon!

I want to become fully vested in my future!