As I start the new year I’m trying to “re-center” myself.  Forgiveness is something that I struggle with doing.  As I was praying asking God to help me to forgive others, He brought something very interesting to my attention.

Not only do I struggling to forgive others, but I also struggle to forgive myself!

To be honest it’s something that I’d hasn’t really cross my mind much.  But it’s certainly true.

I’m still holding on to unforgiveness toward myself for decisions and choices made years ago.  Even as I write this, stupid decisions that I’ve made are fleshing across the canvas of my mind.

Most if not all of the decisions I’ve recovered from, meaning that I’ve moved past them physically but not mentally and emotionally.  I’ve moved forward with my life as I haven’t allowed those things to stagnate my progression.

But I still continue to torment myself mentally and emotionally.

Here is the hard truth:  We can’t give anybody anything we ourselves don’t have.

I can pray from now until the 5th of forever.  But if I can’t forgive myself, I can’t forgive anyone else because I just don’t have it to give.

So, I’m setting out on the journey of learning how to forgive myself.

I wish I could give you 3 steps to learning to forgive yourself.  But I’m not there yet.

As I get revelation and direction, I’ll will definitely keep you posted.

I hope that you too will ask yourself this very difficult question: “Do I have problems forgiving myself?”

I feel that just being honest with yourself about the answer to that question is a huge first step.

Forgiving yourself can one of the most difficult things to do especially when you hold yourself to a certain standard.

Let’s go forward in the new year learning how to forgive and love ourselves with all of our mistakes, shortcomings and disappointments because we are still fearfully and wonderfully made.

Learn to Forgive Yourself and Be Blessed