A little over 6 months ago I had a “coach” if you will.  Very nice person and very encouraging.

We were making good progress at least it seemed.  But before I knew it 6 months had passed with me working with this person and I really wasn’t any closer to accomplishing my goals than when I started.

Needless to say, typical of my behavior, I beat up on myself because I felt that I had allowed all of this “non-progress” to take place.  I felt like I’d allowed my time to be wasted.

Well, this weekend I was continuing to work on some research I’ve been doing for the last few months.  I’d been trying to find the missing link or puzzle piece.

Suddenly, I realized that during the course of the 6 months I had been working with my coach, a very critical piece of information had been given to me.  At the time it was given, I really didn’t think much of it.  But I still took note and saved it.

Had I not had that information, I’m really not sure if I would have every gotten over this bump in the road.  That information, once I really studied it, is what I needed to really move forward!

So, why am I telling you all of this?

I’m telling you this because I realized that despite the feelings I had of my time being wasted, it really wasn’t in retrospect.  That small piece of critical information was worth me spending 6 months to get.

My time spent with my coach had a purpose.  At the time I didn’t realize it, but it ended up being more valuable than I’d thought.

If you are living your life on purpose, know that no experience is ever wasted.  You may not understand it in the time or season it happens.  But in due time you will understand why things had to go a certain way or way you had to endure certain things.

Sometimes getting understanding takes months like in this particular case and other times it takes years.

Some seasons in your life will yield so much fruit that you will pinch off of the wisdom you learned for years to come!  Looking back on it you may think: “Gosh, I hated that time.”  Despite its unpleasantness or not being what you expected, you find yourself being grateful for that time because it prepared you for another season of life and you learned more than you thought.

ALL things work together for good for those who love God who are called according to his purpose. 

ALL THINGS! Not some things, not a few things, but ALL THINGS.  The good, the bad, the ugly and those things you just don’t even want to talk about!

As you go through your week and beyond, remember that ALL of your experiences have a purpose.    SET BACKS are just a SET UP for something greater.

Just say to yourself, I don’t know why things are the way they are right now.  But I know there is a purpose for it even though I don’t understand it.

I hope you have a great week!

For EVERYTHING there is a purpose ~ Be Blessed