I recently had an experience where I was working with someone to achieve a specific goal.  Everything started out really well.  But before I knew it months had passed by and I questioned why I really wasn’t any closer to reaching my goal than what I was when I started.  I had accomplished some things.  But I just wasn’t on track to crossing the finish line considering the time I’d spent with this person.

I was really discouraged as I was told that this was the person with whom I should have been working.  All kinds of thoughts began to come across my mind.  Were the intentions malicious?  Was it an issue where perhaps they just didn’t know the steps needed to take to get success?  When I asked myself  why I wasn’t making any progress, the Holy Spirit did clearly say in a small still voice: “Because the person is stalling you out.”

Once God confirmed it was a problem, I should have immediately changed gears.  But I didn’t because whenever God speaks to me in a small still voice, I tend to think it’s my own flesh speaking.  It’s something I REALLY need to work on. Now don’t go reading into anything.  God just said it was a problem he didn’t say why it was a problem or the root of the problem.

At any rate I finally went at it alone and could start seeing my goal in reach.  I’m not sure why I went at it alone because there were other people who were more than willing to help me.  I would later find out that they were waiting for me to reach out to them.  Ironically enough they were thanking me for reaching out to them because they were concerned that I wasn’t making any progress.  Isn’t that funny?

I can’t resist adding how God wants to give us blessings, but we never ask or we have the wrong motive when we ask.  I can’t resist adding how we struggle alone when God is sitting on the throne waiting for us to reach out to him and ask for help.  Someone was sitting on ready wanting to help me.  They were waiting for me to ask!  Don’t wait – ask God for help.  Okay, that’s my soap box LOLOL.

Here is my message, don’t be hesitant to change gears when you see that something isn’t working.  Once it occurred to me that I wasn’t reaching my goals I should have sought help elsewhere.  I told a friend of mine’s the story.  I told her how I felt I’d wasted so much time and how much further I could have been.  She said, “Don’t worry about it.  Thank God you had the foresight to reach out to someone.  At least now you’re on the right track.  You have you’re marching orders.  You know what needs to be done.”

Here’s my message to you:

  • If you are in a job that’s not working for you, change gears. The change may not come immediately.  But if you take one small step at a time you will be closer than you were if you’d not taken that step.
  • If you are in a dating relationship that’s not going anywhere, change gears. Yes, it may hurt.  But be honest with yourself.  Remove yourself from the relationship so that you can move forward in your life.
  • If how you’re handling your finances is not working, change gears. Take some classes on how to manage finances.  Research budgeting plans and find one that works for you.  Start putting good stewardship practices in place so that you are telling your money where to go.
  • If you want to start a business and not work for anyone anymore, change gears. It will take work, time and money.  But guess what, if you start and makes some sacrifices, you can have that successful, self-sustaining business you’ve always wanted.

Whatever situation you’re in and you’re not seeing results, change gears!  I only listed a few examples, but this works for any area of your life.  I’ve decided that in my business and in my personal life if I’m not seeing results, I need to assess the situation and change gears.  Being hesitant to change gears only holds me back.  If it’s not working, it’s just not working and nothing will change unless I change!

What is it in your life that is requiring you to change gears?  Make the change today and start moving towards the next chapter of your life.

Don’t be hesitant to change gears – Be Blessed