I’d wanted to go to college since I was about 5 years old when my older cousin took me with her to Indiana University with her one day.  It was at that moment that I’d made up my mind that I would go to college.  It’s all I talked about to my parents.  Throughout my years in school that is what I worked towards.  When my mother perceived that I might be falling behind in my grades she would always say: “All right, you know you want to go to college!”  That was all I needed to hear to get motivated and get back on track.

Well, I did end up going to college and I enjoyed it.  At the same time, I couldn’t wait to graduate so ALL of that money could just start rolling in!  You see I’d been taught that if you go to school, study hard and major in something somewhat lucrative that was the key to financial freedom and a good life.

Much to my surprise it didn’t quite happen that way.  Oh, sure I won’t lie.  I did experience some success.  And, I probably made an above average salary.  But it still wasn’t the overflow I was expecting.

What happened?  Did I do something wrong?  Did I miss a step?

No, it was none of those things.  The reality is that working for someone else doesn’t necessarily make you financially secure.  I say necessarily because there are some fields where people can become wealthy by working for someone else. But that’s not the case for most trades.

By time I’d completed my first degree, the job market had changed.  Now, having a degree no longer guaranteed you a job.  Employers had gotten rid of training programs to save money which gave birth to on-the-job-training.  As a result, employers had started looking for people with experience so that training wouldn’t be an issue and the employee could almost come in ready to hit the ground running.

I’d thought about going back to school.  But I’d gotten to the point where I didn’t want to spend more money on schooling especially since I already had a mountain of student loans which was yet another slap in the face.  Here I was still paying for schooling that hadn’t given me the financial results I wanted in the first place!

In addition, I realized I would never have the lifestyle and financial freedom I wanted if I continued to work for someone else.


I started my own business.  I wanted to have more control over my time and my financial success.  Working for someone else would never give me those very invaluable gifts: time freedom and financial freedom. 

  1. I wanted to be able to wake up when I wanted to wake up.  Spend my time how I wanted to spend my time and have the finances to do it.
  2. I wanted to not feel mentally, emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day.
  3. I wanted a lifestyle change.

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