Loneliness is something that is least discussed.  It’s something that silently plagued our society well before the corona virus.

People who suffer from loneliness usually don’t talk about it.  They just simply suffer in silence.

I think it’s because there is a negative stigma that comes with saying you’re lonely.  People automatically form this image of you in their minds of someone who lives alone with 100 cats.

There is a misconception about loneliness that says it’s the result of being alone.  And, though that certainly can be true, I would submit that it can run so much deeper than someone’s proximity to people.

People in relationships can be lonely.  We unknowingly communicate everyday with people who are lonely who otherwise “seem” to be fine.

It’s an emotion that can be the result of a lack of affection, not having anyone who can relate to who you are or even not having someone whom you can converse with on your level.

In addition, here are a few other causes of loneliness:

  • Transition – any of transition in your life (family, job, business, friendships)
  • Separation – could be a person or people and even a physical place or thing
  • Opposition – experiencing any type of opposition and no one is there to stand with you
  • Rejection – any type of rejection you experience in your life

Take into consideration that these things can be compounded.  For example, separation can lead to feelings of opposition and rejection.

How do we deal with loneliness?

  • Get Focused and Busy – Get focused and busy working on things that promote your purpose.
  • Get Humble and Healing – Admit to yourself there is a problem. Then talk to a counselor about how you’re feeling.  Don’t just sit and suffer in silence.
  • Get Connected – Try to connect with people who you can have an intelligent conversation. Try to connect with people who like to laugh but can also offer wisdom and maybe even a hug when needed.

I am writing this to you. But I am also preaching to myself too.  In recent years as I’ve gone through different transitions in my life, I’ve realized how important it is to live in community.  I’m not just talking about random people.  But I’m talking about people who have similar goals, moral values and certainly spiritual values.

Live in Community and Be Blessed