As we continue to hunker down at home, mentally and emotionally it can take its toll on us.  Life as we knew it has drastically changed.  The reality is that we don’t know when things will change for the better.  When the situation does change, our lives might not be exactly the same.

So, the question becomes how are we handling these changes?

How do we manage our lives in the middle of circumstances that we didn’t create and can’t change?

Notice I didn’t say how do we cope.  Coping means that we’re not really dealing head on with the situation.  We are simply putting things in place to distract us from the issue which makes it “appear” as though we are actually dealing with it when we are not.

I think it’s fair to say that the first thing we should do is limit how much time we are watching the news.  Constantly watching the news can be very depressing.  I personally watch the news one time every other day.  I don’t need to tune in every day all day to know that we are in a crisis.

Read – Take some time to read a book.  If you don’t like reading, then listen to a book 😊.  Take time to read something that will stimulate your mind and emotions.

Music – Listen to music.  Make sure it’s something that’s soothing and uplifting.  I love music.  I’m always tuned into YouTube listening to music.  So, crank up the music and start jamming!

Hobby – Start engaging in that hobby you never had time to do.  I enjoy exercising.  I never had time to do it.  I’ve started working out at home because I now have the time.  What are some hobbies you could enjoy?

Goal – Start working on that goal you’ve wanted to accomplish.  For instance, if you wanted to go back to Grad school but you need to take the exams required to go.  Now would be a good time to start studying for that.  What goals are important to you that you can execute now?

Prayer – It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add prayer to the list.  I certainly believe it is the most important strategy.  Studies have shown that people who pray decrease their anxiety and are overall happier and more satisfied.

Focus on Good – Focus on things that are good.  Don’t sit and focus on everything that’s going on pulling yourself deeper into the pit of depression, anxiety and fear.  Don’t allow your mind to go down a rabbit hole of despair and gloom.  In these times, it’s easy to do that.  What are some good memories that you have?  Even better than memories, what are some things you plan to do when this crisis passed?

Don’t Lose Hope – Finally, don’t lose hope.  Things will get better at some point.  I don’t know when.  I just know that it will get better no matter what your situation may be.  Your latter will be greater than your former.

You are still in my prayers

Use your Mind and not Lose your Mind ~ Be Blessed