I frequently get emails from Glassdoor highlighting various articles about the job market.  I recently received one about what to do in the event of a recession.

I was quite intrigued as I was interested in knowing what their suggestions were.

The article first talked about what industries were more likely to be affected verses the industries that were less likely to be affected by a recession.  The article then went on to give suggestions on the steps someone could take to either prevent being affect by a lay-off and what to do if a lay-off occurs.

In summary, to prevent a lay-off you should hone your skills, go the extra mile at your current job and have a great network circle.

In the event of a lay-off you should make sure of any monetary and medical benefits you may have on the table at your current job, ask the company for part-time work if available or even contract yourself back into the company if available.

Not bad advice if you’ve never been laid-off.  But since I have been laid-off and multiple times, I didn’t feel like it was very sound advice.

I’ve learned to see things differently.  I’ve learned that my financial security doesn’t need to be linked or connected to a job.  No matter what industry, any job can be unstable.  Ironically, my field was one of the ones mentioned in the article that was less likely to see lay-offs (chuckle 😉).

Don’t get me wrong, having a job is a blessing.  But in the long term it won’t offer what we all are wanting, FINANCIAL SECURITY.

From my standpoint the things mentioned in the article are only temporary solutions.  What I mean by this is that you could do ALL of those things and still find yourself in a bad situation.

I found out that having a job is a means to an end.  It’s the means I currently need right now to take care of immediate financial responsibilities.

As a result of being laid off multiple times, I realized that what I wanted was to be able to control my own salary and my time.  This is why I started my own on-line business.

I’m certainly not suggesting that anyone just go out and quit their job.  But what I am suggesting is that you start now building a business that is a long-term solution to your financial security while you have a job.

Think about this:

  • Instead of honing your skills, get a new skill. One that will teach you how to really be prepared in the event of a recession.
  • Go the extra mile investing in yourself and building a business for yourself, your family and your future.
  • Join a great network circle that can train and help you to get your business up and running.
  • Have the hope of restoring your life, your time and finances.

You will never have financial security working for someone else.  It simply wasn’t designed that way.  You work to make someone else financially secure NOT yourself.

Start Today building your future and REALLY recession proof your life!