I had a conversation with a friend of mines.  We were talking about her job search.  She has been laid off because of a re-organization of the department.  I remember when she told me she was laid off.  It seemed as though it wasn’t that long ago.  But the reality was that it had been a year and she still hadn’t found work.  Now she was at a point where she would start having to make some difficult decisions: selling her home, moving back home with her parents.  All of which I so understood as I’d been there myself.  These types of decisions are difficult to make when you’ve achieved a level of success.

I could sympathize and empathize with her as I’d been laid off for over 4 years off and on.  After 4 years I just stop counting.  As we continued talking, with tears filling the wells of her eyes, I completed every sentence that she said.  I knew that she “thought” she had enough money saved.  But wasn’t expecting to be unemployed for a year.  I knew that she felt she hadn’t managed her money properly.  But I told her that she did the best she could with the information she had.  I knew that she felt burned out with what she had been doing.  I knew she was tired of the late nights and ridiculous deadlines.  I knew she was tired of the struggle that we as women face and especially black women.  I knew that even though neither of us said it, she was concerned about her financial future as in retirement.  I knew all of this because I’d experienced it myself.  Also, knew that she had a business that she loosely worked.

As we continued to talk, I wanted so badly to tell her that perhaps God was nudging her out.  I wanted to tell her that her blessing was in her business.  I didn’t say anything at that moment because I didn’t feel like it was the right time to tell her.  Timing is everything when speaking into someone’s life.

Sometimes we go through seasons in life because God is trying to nudge us out so that we can experience all that he has for us.  If we stay in the nest, we’ll never fly and soar to new heights.  Don’t just assume that because things are not so good that the devil has gotten lose in your life.  That may not be the case.  It might be that God is nudging you out of the comfortable and the familiar.

Before I’d gotten laid off my mindset was to move up the corporate ladder, basically to have a good job.  But as I experienced the difficulties of being employed and unemployed (mostly unemployed) over and over again, my mind started to change.  I started to realize that having a corporate job wasn’t for me anymore.  I wanted to have my own business so that I could manage my own time and be in control of the salary I made.  I started thinking differently about retirement and when I wanted to retirement not when the government gave me the permission to retire.  I started thinking more about the legacy I wanted to create and leave for God.

Here’s what I’m saying in a nutshell:

Difficult seasons in life will come (John 16:33). They can come for various reasons.  So please don’t misunderstand me in thinking that I’m saying difficult seasons only come for one reason.  But what I am saying is that sometimes those difficult seasons come so that God can change our mindset.  So that he can get our “minds set” on what he wants us to do and not what we thought we were going to do.

  • Is God slowly changing your mindset about somethings in your life? 

Being nudged out can be difficult and painful. God will prune you so that when you start to grow you will be stronger and more resilient.  He will break you down so that he can build you up again (John 15:1-2).  Whatever God brings into your life is always meant for your good and not your demise (Hebrews 12:9-11).

  • If you’re going through a difficult season right now, don’t give up.  Yes, it’s hard.  Continue to pray and ask God for strength.  Also, surround yourself with a community of believers who can walk with you through this difficult season.  Don’t go through it alone.  We need one another.

When God nudges you, he won’t take away a desire you had and leave you blowing in the wind. But he will give you a new desire or a new interest.  He removes one thing and replaces it with something else.  The best example I have of this is the Apostle Paul.  He started out being a Christian killer.  He was under the impression that his purpose in life was to kill Christians.  Yet, after he met Jesus on the road to Damascus, his purpose changed drastically!  He went from being a Christian killer to actually becoming a Christian who suffering greatly to promote and further the Gospel!

  • What is God removing in your life so that he can replace it with something greater? 

You already have what you need to fly. My friend already has the business.  You already have the gift within you.  Usually when God nudges you, he’s building on what you already have.  A bird being nudged out of the nest already has what it needs to fly.  It was born with feathers and wings.  It just has to learn to use what it already has to go to the next level and soar!  Usually, like the bird, we are reluctant to use what God has already equipped us with to be successful in the next season of life.  Being nudged out of the nest is not a punishment for the bird though it may seem that way.  The fact is that it is just simply the next season of its life.  And, so it is with you as well.  It is simply the next season of your life.  Will you get out of the nest?

  • What gifts do you already have to help you be successful in the next season of your life?

Gracefully Accept Your Nudging and Be Blessed

*scripture references from www.biblegateway.com