Still gleaning from my last written post, where I talked about my quest in finding a solution to a problem by doing some research and realizing the answer had been previously given to me.

It occurred to me that I probably would have solved my problems much faster had I been asking for the right thing at the right time.

I had been praying for a blessing when I should have been praying for a breakthrough.  There was nothing wrong with asking for a blessing.  It wasn’t the right time to make that request because that wasn’t what I needed to move forward at that particular time.

As soon as I started praying for a breakthrough, I received the answer to that prayer within a week!

The Right Request at the Right Time = Answer Prayer

I don’t care what anybody says.  Timing Is Everything!

Sometimes in our zealousness to get to the finish line we can ask for things pre-maturely or in the incorrect order.

Inevitably, we become angry, irritated and frustrated because we think or feel God is ignoring us.  When in fact it’s not that he’s ignoring us, it more that he’s waiting for us to submit the correct request so that he can answer us.

It probably would have been a good idea if I had asked God what I needed to ask of him instead of just forging ahead wasting time that could have been avoided.

Asking what to pray for is something that we all probably need to get better at doing.  This is especially true when we’re wrestling with something.  We get so emotionally charged that we really don’t know what to ask.  So we just start throwing stuff out there.

When we have financial issues.  The first thing we ask for is more money.  Sometimes more money is the solution.  At other times it is not the solution.

Asking for more money is not a wrong request.

But, if you’re not being a good steward over what you already have, asking for more money is probably a bit pre-mature.

Instead of asking for more money, ask God to help you to be a better manger over what you already have.  And, once you’ve mastered that then it’s okay to ask for more money.

I’m really big on money management.  If you’ve been reading my posts, I’ve talked about paying off my student loans.  A part of me felt like more money was the solution.

But after doing some soul searching, I realized the problem was me not being a better manager over what I already had.  I’ve had a budget for years.  But my budgeting skills obviously needed some work.

So, I started praying about how to make the most of what was already coming into my household.  A few months later I took a money management class at my church that further helped me to become a better steward over my finances.

As a result, I was able to find money to aid in helping me to pay off my student loans and I’ve been able to save more money!  I can now account for every dollar which is something that wasn’t happening previously.  All of this from what I ALREADY had.

Of course, this applies to all areas of our lives.

Take some time today and think about your prayers.  Is it possible that you haven’t gotten an answer because you’re asking for the right thing at the wrong time?

Don’t be afraid to ask God what to pray for so that you’re asking for the Right Thing at the Right Time and your request can be answered!

I hope you have a great week ahead.

Ask for the Right Thing at the Right Time ~ Be Blessed