My late pastor used to say all the time, “A Parked Car Can’t Be Steered.”  I kind of understood what he meant.  But probably not as much until recently.

I have so many things on my heart I desire to do.  And, even though there are many things, they all fall under the same umbrella.  But it wasn’t until last week that I actually started working to try to accomplish some of those things that I understood by his saying: “A parked car can’t be steered.”

Once I pulled out of the parking space and started driving towards my destination, I could see where God was starting to steer me in the direction he wants me to go!

I won’t make it to my ultimate destination immediately.  But at least now I have a plan on how to get there because I sought out someone who knows how to get there.

So Exciting!

So, what does this all mean to you?

If there are things that have been put on your heart to do, stop talking about it and be about it 😊.

Nothing gets done just by simply talking about it.  You have to move in the direction your heart is leading you to go.

Don’t allow the following things to deter you:

  • Laziness – an unwillingness not to do something for no apparent reason
  • Apathy – your passion has been suppressed by circumstances or life
  • Fear – you fear failure or even worse you fear success
  • Time – you don’t have time; you’re too old; it would take too long to accomplish
  • Lack of knowledge – you don’t know how to get started; reluctant to put forth the effort to research
  • Procrastination – you just keep putting it off for another day and time

All of these things can be combated if you start to move out of the parking space.

 Success is not accidental.  It is a planned effort and destination.

Think about when you want to go to the store.  You make definitive steps to make it to the destination of the store.  It’s very intentional.  It’s not haphazard.

The same is true for your goals and desires.  The steps on getting there must be intentional.  You must have a plan.  The plan my change here and there.  But the point is that you have a plan.

Don’t waste any more time thinking or speaking about what you want to do.  Start driving the car in the direction you want to go.  It is then that you will see your passion restored, things starting to line up, doors open, ways being made and favor given to you. 

Unpark Your Car and Be Blessed