I’ve had a couple of people contact me because they had some questions about the business opportunity.  So, I figured if a couple of people had some questions, probably most of you have questions.

I apologize if you weren’t able to get the understanding you needed.  The goal of this communication is to try to fill in some blanks and bring more awareness to this great opportunity.


Your Opportunity – Choose Your Path

There are two paths you can pursue:  Affiliate Marketing and Sourcing Products:


Affiliate Marketing

Sourcing Products

You get paid commissions for helping other businesses promote and sell more of their products and services. Already have a product you’re passionate about? Great! Learn to sell your own products or other physical products on-line.


In the video workshops, Stuart so perfectly explains each of these paths for you.  Not only does he explain it, he gives examples.

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 In Workshop 1, he defines and explains the affiliate marketing business and how it works.  Toward the end of Workshop 1 he talks about the products that are offered by the SFM.  These are the products that you would be selling to get a commission.

In Workshop 2, he talks about how to sell products in which you have an interest.  He discusses the resources available to research the market and start selling the product.

In Workshop 3, Stuart debunks the reasons for not starting a business.  He gives the steps on how to get started building an online business now!

Your Benefits – What’s in it for You

There are many benefits.  But here are just a few:

Learn as you Earn – Build your business as you help others build their business and change their lives

One-on-One Coaching and Training – Get one-on-one coaching from people who are actively in the business

Live Training Calls – Be a part of live training calls where you can get your questions answered LIVE and get advice on how to move forward

Hundreds of Free Video Courses thru LinkedIn – There are hundreds of free video courses available to you to further help you in your education and business building skills

The Community/Tribe – Be a part of a great community of people who will be there to encourage you and offer support.  These people are also entrepreneurs and on the same journey as you.  You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.


Where do you go from here – The Application

In order to become an active member of the business you will need to submit an application.

Submit Your Application Here

Once your application is approved then you will have access to the “Getting Started Modules” where you’ll learn more about the business and how to get started building your business.  You start training right away! 😊


What attracted me to the business?

It takes work – As crazy as it may sound, I was attracted to this business because it takes work.  If someone tells you that all you have to do is click your heals three times, spin around two times and snap your fingers one time and you’ll have a successful business, IT’S A LIE!  And, you should RUN!

Any type of change takes work.  Because I am serious about changing my life, I wasn’t offended or turned off by that.

It’s legitimate – This is a REAL BUSINESS.  It has REAL PEOPLE.  The founders are really concerned about helping people change their lives.  They are straightforward.  They will challenge you.

Endless potential – Some businesses are setup like a corporate company.  They are setup such that only a few people can experience freedom in their lives while the people below them work tirelessly to achieve that freedom.  This business is NOT set up like a pyramid.  It’s linear.  It’s equal opportunity for everybody!  You get out of it what you put into it.

In addition, the success of my business is based on what I do and NOT on what other people do.

I wasn’t alone – I’ve joined some businesses in the past where people use you to get a commission and then they leave you by the wayside.  There is so much coaching and training here it’s ridiculous!  The company is designed to help you to succeed based on the effort you put into it.

The Opportunity ~ Be Blessed